FEATURE: Riona Jagathpal is CrazyRio

Most recently I found myself following this charming Durban blogger called Riona aka Crazy Rio. She has her hands in multiple pots all while being a mom and a wife and still managing to look refreshed and glam. Curious as George aren’t you?

Here’s what Riona has to say….

Tell me about yourself?

I am 32 year old mum of three, I have a marketing background but my real achievements are my three priceless daughters. I started blogging in late August 2016 with the hopes of sharing some of my personal, private experiences to help heal others in similar situations. In this time I managed to achieve the privilege of being named a Mangwanani brand ambassador for 2017. I am also 1 of the Talk/Sign ambassadors for the KZN blind and deaf society trying to spread awareness and implement sign as one of our official languages. I met the most inspiring people and worked with the most heartwarming causes. I also secured myself a few modelling contracts. My latest achievement was the launch of my official website in February 2017.


Let’s talk about your brand….

I am my brand. I represent real life, real people, in the unedited form.  My platform allows everyday people to step out of their comfort zones and enjoy having their moment in the sun. Everyone needs to be identified , recognized and heard and that is what my brand represents. There is space for everyone at my table.

How did your passion for “CrazyRio” originate? Did you have a light bulb moment or was it inherent from day one?

My mind is overactive. All the time. I set up my wordpress site and 2 months later I still hadn’t posted anything. I was afraid of putting myself and my story out there. Eventually when I plucked up the courage to write that post very late one night , I was overwhelmed by the response I received the next morning from women all over the world relating to me and no longer feeling alone.  That feeling of knowing that I made a difference made me hungry and determine, to go out  and do more and help more. I just feel we all have a greater calling and I am certain that this is mine.


Do you do this full time or do you have a day job?

As of 2017 this is my job, well my real job is being a mum but when they are at school or asleep (like now) I am immersed with CrazyRio

What motivates you to keep working on your craft?

I know this sounds cliched but my daughters, having being a victim of bullying even as an adult and not always included in certain circles, I  know how important it is to promote kindness and understanding from a young age. Once I started feeling that I was making a difference I just want to try and do as much more as I can.

What is the one thing you want to accomplish for 2017?

I want to be able to communicate via sign language before the end of the year and teach it to as many people as I can reach out to.

If you had a crystal ball, what would be in the future for you?

Oh that is the easiest question so far,  I would be doing an interview with David Beckham on my vlog without a doubt!

If you had a BucketList, what would be on it?

  1. To get over my fear of the ocean and undersea life
  2. To go on a holiday somewhere all by myself and just be content with my own company for that time

What is your secret to networking and growing your social media following?

Being true to myself and my brand, being active all the time, keeping an eye out for whats trending. Engaging with my audiences and just keeping it real. If you believe in what you represent your followers will do the same. Rich content also seems to be received well. Social media rules/trends apply differently all the time, so I just try and stay relevant.


Who are some of your local influencers? Feel free to audaciously name drop.

Sashena Rampersad @sash_za

Yuthika Nagessur @yuthikanagessur

Dineo Lekhanya @sheer_dee

Janine Ferreira @nineismynumber

Tharreshnee Govender @inspireyou_blog

I love following fellow bloggers that I have connected with as well. I love promoting, supporting and endorsing local. We really have a lot to offer the world.

What is the best advice you ever received?

When people are mean to you, its only a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Don’t take it to heart. People are entitled to their own opinion of you. Bask in the praise and shake off the haters. Life is too short for other people to control your happiness.

What is the legacy you want to leave behind? What do you hope the generation of 2050 will say about you?

The legacy I want to leave behind is being a genuinely good person. Anything else I achieve would be a bonus but that would be most important to me.

RAPID FIRE: Don’t think, just answer!

  • Ice Cream or Chocolate?


  • Books or TV?


  • Chris or Liam Hemsworth?

David Beckham [hmmm there seems to be an obsessive pattern here]

  • Dogs or Cats


  • Cake or Pastry

Both [My kind of girl]

  • Batman or Superman

Batman, he has a car, plus Superman seems like hard work, the guy wears his underwear over his clothes!

  • Sunset or sunrise?



  • If you had a pet ferret, what would you name him? Bob, he would look like a Bob
  • If you were a Superhero, what would your Superpower be? A magical kiss that would make my kids go to sleep whenever I need a break.


  • Do you have any tattoos?

Errrr. No….maybe….oneday

  • Do you have any piercings?


  • Have you ever been in love?


  • Have you ever bungi-jumped?


  • Have you ever done something totally stupid with no regrets?


  • Did you believe in Santa?


  • Do you have any special talents? What are they?

Mmmmm I have double jointed arms so if this fails I could always join the circus. I can cook.

  • You’re having a really bad day, who are you going to call? [NOT Ghost busters]

Sohana, Yuvati , Narisha, Yulishka- all of whom are bad at answering their phones so I would give up and just go take a nap.

What would be your advice or parting thoughts to young bloggers?

Do not lose sight of why you started. Have a dream and water it everyday. This is you, you are in the driver’s seat. You need to get out there and make it happen for yourself. Believe it will happen and then put in the hours of hard work and you will persevere. Nothing happens overnight you have to be consistent.


Isn’t she a hoot? Riona is truly a dynamo to contend with. Three kids, a husband and she still has the style and energy to shmooze and network through the day. You simply must follow her, she meets the most artistic people and they are all home grown.

Now that you have had a good giggle, hop on to social media and get following!

Here’s how you can get in touch with Riona

WEBSITE: www.crazyrio.com

EMAIL: hello@crazyrio.com

TWITTER: @crazyrio84      

FACEBOOK: Crazyrio

INSTAGRAM: @crazyrio84

YOUTUBE: CrazyRio 84


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