Sneak Peek: Love in the Fast Lane

Brielle turned back to Nate in time to see him unbuttoning his white shirt. “What are you doing?” “I’m hot, the water is cool, I’m going for a swim.” “Now?” “No better time than the present.” Oh gosh, this man had her running in circles. She watched as he removed his shirt and she had to remind herself to close her mouth. Th is man had a chest that would make any adult woman cry ‘Hallelujah.’ Bronzed and toned with a six pack that could wash a village woman’s clothes, his every muscle was sculpted to perfection. Brielle was not usually one for chest hair, but damn if the sight of the light smattering on Nate’s chest, leading down his torso to parts unknown, did things to her girly parts that got her all excited. She wanted to go on her knees and worship at the muscle altar. Next, his top jeans button popped open and almost in slow motion his zipper went down, mesmerizing Brielle. And there he stood in his nearly naked glory, there with all the confidence of a God. “Are you pleased with yourself?” she asked “I will be in about two minutes.” He walked toward the water, “Coming Brielle?” Oh the way he said her name. She was suddenly aware of the warm moisture pooling between her thighs. Th is was new. “Come on, live a little.” He teased, the amusement shining in his beautiful eyes. She frowned. Was this her life? Actually contemplating getting nearly naked with a gorgeous, ripped man in a foreign country. Screw it. She tried to get the zipper at the back of her dress but cursed it. Dammit. Emma had helped her get into this skin tight contraption. Great, and now she was going to miss this opportunity because she couldn’t undress on her own. Th e next thing she knew, Nate was at the nape of her neck and ever so slowly, started to unzip her dress. Th e slow and painfully erotic torture. It was almost intimate the way his warm hands barely grazed her skin. She really had gone too long without a man’s touch if this was bringing her to near completion. Seeming to know the effect he had on her, Nate slowly caressed his knuckles down her smooth back in time with the zipper. She thought back quickly to what panties she had on! Thank God she was wearing sexy black underwear. Th e gold sheath of fabric fell in a heap at her feet and she suddenly felt very self-conscious and bare. She was about to lift her arms up to cover herself when Nate scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder. “Heeeeeyyyyyy!! What are you doing?” “Just go with it, Sweetheart.” And then he smacked her on the ass. The gall of this man! Brielle surprised herself by laughing. “Let me go, you Neanderthal!” She banged on his bare back playfully and wiggled her feet in front of him. And what a beautifully toned back it was. Her gaze fell down to his ass and she realized that she had never seen a better male specimen in her life. What did he do to get such a sweet tush? “You sure about that?” He was already knee-deep in the water and he brought her forward, cradling her in his arms as though she weighed nothing. “Nate,” she breathed. She leaned into him when suddenly he gave her one big swing and threw her into the water. Screaming, she landed with a big splash! She could hear his hearty laugh as she resurfaced. What an amazing sound. When had she ever been attracted to a man’s laugh? It must be something in the Brazilian air. Something was definitely amiss tonight. She dove beneath the surface and saw his legs in the murky water. Then she decided to be bold and bit him. She heard his muffled yelp and surfaced with a laugh of her own. Oh the look on his face. Now he was out for revenge. She dove beneath the surface again and this time he gave chase. Nate was fitter and faster than she was and caught up with her in no time. He dragged her ankles toward him and she tried to kick away but he was bigger and stronger than she was. With her hair matted to her head, she let out a childish laugh as he pulled her to face him. “You’re a squirmy one, Brielle,” his voice had dropped a few octaves and the look in his eyes spoke volumes of a good time. He pulled her toward his chest and his long, hard erection pressed against her belly. She stared into his amazing green eyes that seemed shades darker than the earlier jade. Her breath caught and Nate used the opportunity to lower his mouth to hers. He wet her lips with his warm tongue and she practically melted in his arms. He took his time exploring her lips and when she let out a small moan, he delved into her mouth with his tongue. The touch of his tongue to hers had her body responding in very exciting ways. He stroked and teased her tongue with his own as his hands explored her sultry curves. She had never felt fi re and passion like this; and with a stranger no less. She knew next to nothing about this man, yet she pushed herself further into his rock solid body, wanting to feel more of him. He responded by grabbing her ass with both hands and pushing his erection against her. He groaned in frustration as his lips found their way to her jaw and nipped across her neck. “You’re so beautiful, Brielle.” His steady fingers un-clipped her bra in one deft motion. She had never wanted a man’s hands on her body more than at this moment. He cupped her full breasts in both hands and sucked the skin of her neck. The sensation was mind-blowing. She wrapped her legs around him and pressed her breasts into his open palms. “Oh baby, you feel so amazing.” Brielle had no words. She had never been so aroused in her entire twenty-five years. She was ready to come apart with just his merest touch. He looked back into her face and captured her mouth once again, deepening the kiss. Her fingers clawed into his lush, brown hair, deeply wanting every inch of him. A sound on the beach startled them apart and allowed a few seconds of oxygen to enter her brain, giving her a moment to think rationally. What was she doing? She was not going to have sex with a total stranger in the ocean! Th e realization was enough of a mental slap in the face. “Th is is as much fun as I can manage for one night,” she said abruptly, disentangling herself from him, and waded out of the water, topless. She ran for her dress and realized she couldn’t put it on herself with the high zip so she grabbed for his shirt instead. She quickly slipped it on and before he could get out of the water, she made a dash for it, too mortified to see him face to face.

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