Lucky to be Alive

If you know me at all, even having met me briefly then you would know within the first hour that my little fur baby Baxtor is the absolute apple of my eye. I don’t have any children but this little ball of sunshine on four legs is all the child I need.

So we moved house recently and one of the reasons was to give the little boy a bigger yard to play in and I assure you, he has this in spades. We have however been toiling away making this new house a home and hubby and I needed a weekend break so we decided to leave Bax and Zoey, our lovebird, with their grandparents for the weekend.

We spent a delightful evening with the family on Friday night and as we are rounding up to leave, we notice Baxtor run in and plomp himself on the sofa in the next room. He looked guilty, like he had done something naughty and was hiding from a scolding. Ten minutes later, we noticed blood on the floor and I ran to inspect Bax. The light switched on and my heart stopped beating. The sofa was smeared with blood and the dog lay in one corner. He looked alright, albeit scared. I flipped him over to find the source of the bleeding and my heart that had stopped a moment ago, now beat a rapid staccato in my chest. The blood in my body rushed to my head and I felt faint at the same time as my stomach wanted to recoil as I stared at the gaping hole in my little boy’s chest. He had jumped off a wall and punctured his body on a metal spike on a gate.

Without second guessing, I took a towel and applied pressure on the wound. My hands shook as the adrenaline and panic surged through me. We managed to make a makeshift bandage to stop the bleeding and rushed him to the only emergency vet in Durban, a good 25 minutes away. The fear and panic ate at me and when we arrived at the vet, the doc was in no hurry to see my baby who had just had a traumatic accident.

When we got him to the examination table and hubby lifted him up for the doc to have a look, my knees nearly gave out and my stomach lurched again as I saw the muscles sticking out of an almost 7cm long hole in his little chest. How was this dog not howling in pain, passing out, anything!

The doc booked him in and sent us home. Needless to say, the waterworks didn’t even wait for me to get into the car before I started bawling my eyes out. My lil boy, my son, was lying alone in a small cage and I didn’t know if he would be ok. It was a rough night, a really rough night and when we went to fetch him the next morning, the sound of his whining to see his Daddy was like music to my ears. It made my heart happy to see his tail wagging and the pure joy to be with his family. He was beyond lucky that the spike missed all of his organs and only tore his muscles, it could have been drastically worse.


My lil patient recovering at home

Shew! So what was meant to be a relaxed weekend for hubby and I to de-stress turned out to be one of the most stressful weekends of our married life. It was a freak accident, it could have happened anywhere and to any animal but the good news is that my baby is on the mend. The bandage is annoying the hell out of him but he’s in one piece and I am so grateful that he is still with us.

Keep your pets safe guys! After all, they are family too.


  1. Cassarica says:

    I know what it feels like! Glad Baxter is doing okay. One my boys sent me into a panic a few months ago he seemed bloated which can be fatal to Chinchillas so I rushed him to the vet. From one fur parent to another I totally get you!

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